Welcome by The Festival Director
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Many greetings from Tirana! 


And a warm welcome to the 2022 Israel – Albania Culture Festival!   


It is such a distinct honor and pleasure to extend to you this invitation to attend and follow an agenda of artistic and cultural events of the Festival’s second edition – representing excellence from both heritage and contemporary creativity from Israel and Albania! 


Artists and cultural personalities from the two countries, from Europe, the USA and the larger international scene shall enliven Albania’s capital city with a program featuring a whole variety of genres – from instrumental classical and jazz music to traditional folk music from Albania and Israel; from classical ballet and contemporary dance to art innovation; new exciting activities such as chess n’ jazz; as well as multiple programs within the fields of visual arts, mural arts, literature, culinary arts, and cinematography.


Culture and art create strong bonds between peoples and countries, by building bridges of communication and enriching mutual appreciation. And while expressive of individual and national sensibilities and creativity, culture and arts engage audiences in experiences that transcend linguistic and identity borders. Thus I wholeheartedly hope that this Festival edition proves to be exhilarating as also moving and engaging in reflection and meditation! And that it proves to be a learning and culturally enriching experience! 

Israeli art and the great treasures of Jewish culture worldwide could and should be more present in Albania and indeed other Balkan countries. And vice-versa. Amazing cultural heritage and contemporary creativity from Albania and the larger region could and should be more present and accessible to Israeli public. Whence the Festival’s inspiration to create a platform of exchanges and visibility that is a brand reference of artistic excellence in Albania and the Balkans!


On this special occasion, I would like to dearly Thank All the Friends and Supporters of the Festival – all the institutional and sponsoring partners, as also those who have shared inspiration and contributed to the launching of the “Israel – Albania Culture Festival”! And a special thank you to the amazing group of colleagues and friends in Tirana and Tel Aviv for teaming up and bringing a shared inspiration into reality!


Almira Emiri – Möllendorf